The world’s first gravity-free “UBUGOE by sound of Ikebana” residence

Project Summary

 This project aims to create a new type of art by creating Professor Sousa’s art work, “Birth by Sound of Residence” under microgravity in anticipation of the coming of the space age. The original “Sound of Residence” was created by using a high-speed camera (2000 frames/second) to capture the sound of vividly colored paints and other viscous liquids vibrating with sound, causing the various colors to fuse together and burst into life. The video art was shot on film. The “Sound of Residence” is a video artwork that captures the sound of the birth of a baby red flower. This is a one-of-a-kind artwork that expresses the energy of the birth of a newborn baby, and has already been commercialized with Kyoto University as the core business.
 In the meantime, there has been a lot of talk about space recently, with Hayabusa2 landing on a small planet and collecting rocks, and NASA’s unmanned spacecraft landing on Mars. SpaceX is planning to send a spacecraft carrying humans into orbit around the earth and to travel around the moon, reminding us that space travel is becoming more and more familiar to us. Art has been deeply connected with human spirituality since ancient times, and it is important to consider what will happen to the traditional relationship with art in the space age, and whether art will be created in accordance with the space age.
 Based on this awareness of these issues, Professor Dosa and Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. who are running an industry-university cooperative course on art innovation, will conduct an experiment to create “a sound of life by a sound of a flower” under low gravity to create a new type of art for the space age. By parabolic flight (parabolic flight), a gravity-free (weightless, low gravity) condition is created inside the aircraft. We will bring the “Sound of Residence” production equipment on board to create the “Birth by Sound of Residence” under low-gravity conditions, and conduct an experiment to see how the birth voice, a symbol of the origin of life, will create new forms in the space age.
 This project has the following significance.
 ・To challenge the question of how art can be transformed under low gravity and whether new art can be created.
 ・The Corona disaster has given hope to those who are uncertain about the future.
 ・It will be a suitable gift for the space age for parents of newborns, etc.
 ・Aiming at the industrial use of art, explore the possibility of 3D shape extraction of fluid under low gravity conditions.