The light of Ikebana

Would it be possible to express “the Sound of Ikebana” as a three-dimensional shape in glass?

With this idea in mind, I created glass art by dropping molten glass. By combining this with a light source to create “ikebana of light,” a new direction for the Sound of Ikebana emerges.

Sound of Ikebana was filmed with a high-speed camera at 1/2000th of a second, making it impossible to extract a three-dimensional object with a 3D printer. Therefore, inspired by Gaudi’s use of the shape of a sandbag suspended by gravity when designing the spire of the Sagrada Familia, we placed 800-degree glass on a copper mold and created a shape that hangs down by gravity. The “Ikebana of Light” is a work thus created to resemble the shape of the Sound of Ikebana.

Partner: Mitsubishi Electric