Sansui Silhouette Summer & Fall


In Japan there are famous Sansui pictures corresponding to four seasons that were created by a famous painter called “Sesshu.” Inspired by his pictures I tried to create Sansui pictures. Including various objects covering old and new, West and East. In summer Sansui, cave paintings drawn by old Western people are included. In autumn Sansui Buddha is creating two human creatures, which have been said to be created by Western God. I hope you would find the silhouette of your self in these pictures and will re-discover yourself.

Title: Sansui Silouette Summer (left), Fall (right)
Year: 2011
Medium: Glass, light, Japanese paper
Dimensions (cm): W300 x D450 x H200

Link: Sansui Silhouette Winter & Spring

*Photo by Yasu Suzuki