Sound of Ikebana

“Sound of Ikebana” is a collection of video artworks which are created by shooting using a high-speed camera Ikebana-like shaping, generated by giving sound vibration to liquid such as pastel color.
This new type of ikebana (flower arranging) is created by capturing beauty of a physical phenomenon with a high-speed camera of 2000 frames/second. The beauty is created by the collaboration between the physical phenomenon and my sensitivity and gives people an unforgettable strong impression. By utilizing various types of liquid I tried to express various kinds of color variations such as prayerful color in Buddhism, Japanese “Wabi-sabi” color, cute color of Cool Japan. By this, the artworks are intended to express Japanese seasons such as palm and cherry in spring, cool water and morning glory in summer, red leaves in autumn, snow and camellia in winter, Christmas season and New Year season.
By watching these series of video artworks audience would have a feeling of wonder generated by organic and mysterious figures of the liquid and also its unforeseeable movements. At the same time audience would feel the connection of long history and traditional cultures in Asia,
which is really meant to express by the artist.