Partner Companies

Toppan Printing Co.
New method to support human resource development through artistic thinking
Under gravity-free resuscitation of “UBUGOE by Sound of Ikebana”
UV wrapping + video mapping: Renjishi

Seiko Epson Corporation

Seiko Epson Corporation and Tosa Laboratory are engaged in research on business models to support the establishment of “future apparel brand owners” using digital textile printers, and on the creation of new value in the art field using digital and projection technology.

Sound of Ikebana Fashion

Seiko Watch Corporation
Joint research with Grand Seiko Branding Video

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Joint research “Caustics Light”
Joint research “Table of Ikebana”
Joint research “Light of Ikebana”
Conversation (Mitsubishi Electric Biz Timeline)

Osaka Gas Co.
Maternity Lab
“UBUGOE by Sound of Ikebana”

AGC Corporation
UTSUROI in eternal space
Magic window
Research on the shape of future vehicles by Sound of Ikebana

NAC Image Techno Co.
Under gravity-free resuscitation of “UBUGOE by Sound of Ikebana”

Thermik Inc.
Comparative Study of LED Vision Projectors

LASENCE Corporation